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SDN and WAN Enterprise Innovations and Solutions

Posted on 16 June, 2015

The growing cost of managing enterprise WANs has seen many corporations explore the benefits of SDN technology by automating the configurations of the traditional Wide Area Network edge routers. Some of the products that have been developed to enhance WAN viability include CloudGenix, Cisco IntelligentWAN, Viptela, Netsocket and Gluware Orchestration Engine by Glue Networks. CloudGenix is a startup that aims to provide SD-WAN solutions that can support dynamic hybrid WAN, in addition to centralizing services that would otherwise be sent to the branch. Netsocket, on the other hand, is focused on creating WAN for Managed Service Providers. The Cisco Intelligent WAN or IWAN was developed to make it easy for end-users to build a Wide Area Network fabric across varying transportation modes from the internet to private MPLS and other protocols.On the other hand, new technological advances being witnessed in the field of Cloud WANs include the virtualization of application conveyance controllers (WOCs) and WAN streamlining controllers. This development is expected to assist software distributing merchants, who have always relied on machines to distribute their products. However, the greatest advantage to the vendors lies in the fact that, virtually all of them have some form of virtual or Cloud WAN service tailored to address needs of enterprises. The line between WAN and Cloud WAN is getting narrow because many vendors are adding web optimization to their current growing list of software capabilities. These developments will revolutionize the way internet linked centers with cloud services operate by slashing the operating cost while maximizing on the benefits provided by Cloud. In terms of enterprise WANs, most next generation innovations are being driven by the fast changing market expectations such as:

  • Expectations by IT administrators to have control over WANs that have the same enterprise-grade qualities, similar to those based in the company‚Äôs central networking centers.
  • The migration of enterprise application and data center to cloud
  • The growing need by enterprises to develop and manage branch office networks faster and economically.
  • The rise in mobile workers and branch offices, alongside the need to have same high-bandwidth and low-latency network outcomes in all locations.