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Benefits of Using SD WANs and Cloud WANs

Posted on 16 June, 2015

The moment an internet network traverses beyond the reaches of a corporate WAN, the firm has little control on how that information will reach its destination. This assessment has continually made it difficult to put total trust into the idea of moving some business processes to cloud, despite the numerous benefits offered by cloud such as the seamless functionality of SaaS and cost-effectiveness of IaaS. However, how velocloud workssolutions provided by IT companies such as VeloCloud, Aryaka and Talari, have made it easy to extend and exploit the reaches of the traditional corporate WAN into Cloud. Velocloud is one of the leading providers of SD-WAN solutions. The company aims to develop SD-WAN solutions, that will change the way institutions and businesses think, develop and manage WANs by adding the bandwidth element to the traditional WAN. Velocloud provides you with sd-wan and more, like cloud networking and hybrid wan. Below are some of the benefits of using the company’s WAN Cloud solutions:


Security –


Information that is transmitted through Cloud via public links is usually encrypted using 256-bit or 128-bit AES security. The other security measures include the option of splitting data sessions into two or several links, this ability makes it almost impossible to reassembly data if it gets into wrong hands.


Reliability –


In case there is erosion in transmission quality or total failure of connectivity at any point connecting to cloud, the traffic automatically shifts to a better quality path. This capability ensures no interruptions in sessions.


Flexibility –


The WAN to Cloud solution provided by Talari can be organized to build a dynamic encrypted connection over public internet connections moving into Cloud from any geographical location, since user-defined thresholds often supersede traffic demands.


Prioritization –


the traffic passing through the WAN Cloud can be prioritized. This means critical applications passing through the network can be are given more priority, especially when there is traffic snarl-up or when traffic is being rate-limited.


Visibility –


All the available links between the cloud and the location nodes are monitored and measured not using pings or probes, but real-time traffic. This information is then put together, aggregated and relayed on the screen or as reports. In case there is a deficiency on the part of Cloud or service provider, it becomes easy to identify.


Simplicity –


Since connections are treated as any typical WAN links, configurations can be done using graphical management interfaces thus creating an element of uniformity. The availability of reinforced security in the network also eliminates the need to create provisions for a separate VPN.